Just one look at this photo of Augustin OLD and you just know that there
has to be a story behind it. The beloved champion dressage horse works
hard with his human mom to stay in shape and be ready for the many shows
he enters. For most people, though, he is known for this cute pic of
him with his best friends that has been making the rounds of the
internet for a while now.

Augustine OLD with his Best Friends (Image via Tumblr)Augustine OLD with his Best Friends (Image via Tumblr)

Augustin is a German horse that was born on Mother's Day in 1999. He has an excellent pedigree. His sire and dam are both also champion show horses. While he takes after his father in showmanship, he has faced some serious challenges of his own, including two operations for severe colic from which he nearly died. Now he sticks to a strict diet and exercises schedule to make sure that this problem does not recur.

Augustin with Human Mom (Image via Max Theurer)Augustin with Human Mom (Image via Max Theurer)

The photo is often found saying that he is a race horse here with his alligator. The truth is that he is a dressage horse and that other little guy is his toy crocodile. Augustin reportedly won't go anywhere without him. It is possibly one of the cutest images on the internet that does not have a cat in it.

Everyone knows that stuffed animals are great from snuffling and snuggling. Augustin is proof that even animals need that sort of comfort and love. 

Sources: Max Theurer, Tumblr


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