We will almost always go out of the way to make life easier for our pets. Knowing this, Honda has made a very noticeable turn towards pets in hope of selling more vehicles to pet owners and some of the outcomes have some very high expectations.

The first step came with the Honda Vamos Travel Dog Edition. It featured some pet amenities that most people on this side of the ocean could only dream about. Upholstery that was water-repellent and odor resistant, wipable floor mats in the rear-cargo area and the 2-row seating, just name a few.

Recently, Honda Japan began working on an entire website dedicated to the safe and luxurious travel of our furry companions. Honda Dog is an informational site that not only gives you pointers on how to care for your pet while traveling, it also give you specific details about the best layout in a particular vehicle for crates and carriers. Honda Dog can also give you dimensions on entryways so you can choose the best option for you pet.

If your concerns are more toward the vehicle, the site can help you find ways to remove stains, odors and offer tips on how to keep you and your pets' areas clean and ready to use at a moments notice. The Honda Dog website can be found here.

via : Autoblog , HondaDog