I've had some strange jobs in my life, the oddest of which involved me
being dressed as a rodent and buried in the ground for a commercial (if I
can find this, believe me I'll post it).  But I've never really even
thought about the job that this guy has in this video uploaded by veijvesa
on June 18, 2010: Duck Wrangler.

Get along, little duckies!!!!  Yeee-Hawwww!!!!  The theme from Rawhide popped into my head while watching this.

From what I can gather there were over 2000 ducks being steered through these rice fields in Thailand.  And from first hand experience, I can tell you that ducks bite.  It hurts.  Call me a wimp, but 2000 of those things is a bit daunting...

Have you had any crazy duck experiences?  If so, let us know!!!

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