Themed restaurants offer diners more than just food, they offer a whole
experience. In some cases, people will visit certain restaurants not for
the food but for the environment. One fun and funky theme has just
arisen in a seafood buffet  that is quite clever. Cats like seafood, right?  So how about  doing something fun with that with  one of the most famous cats in the world, like a  Hello Kitty Seafood Buffet?

The Makittii Hawaii Japanese Seafood BuffetThe Makittii Hawaii Japanese Seafood Buffet

Hello Kitty RestaurantHello Kitty Restaurant

The Makittii Hawaii Japanese Seafood Buffet offers a Hello Kitty theme where the table benches are pink and cushy and there are plenty of Hello Kitty faces located around the restaurant to add to the exciting theme. Diners will appreciate the light-hearted atmosphere as much as the food!

Would you like a Hello Kitty Seafood Buffet near you?

 Via: GizmoDiva