With all the bad stuff we're finding out about packaged pet food these days, more and more folks are starting to make their own food for their pets with natural human-grade ingredients.  But what about pet treats?  Well, Hammacher Schlemmer has them all figured out for you with its Homemade Pet Treats Maker - and if you hurry, you can get it on sale!


Homemade Pet Treats MakerHomemade Pet Treats Maker


The Pet Treats Maker is an easy-to-use food dehydrator that lets you make all the healthy, chewy, crunchy, even crispy (!) great-for-teeth treats that pets love.  It dehydrates fruits, veggies, meats, fish... why, it will even do cookie dough! 

Now, don't say that you would not know what to do with this great DIY gadget.  You will, because the Pet Treats Maker comes with a book of 25 recipes for pet treats, tips for storing dried snacks five packets of
jerky spices (for seasoning five pounds of treats) as well as three
cookie cutters: two dog bones and one fish. And, besides that, you can always look up more recipes on the Internet.

You'll be making treats for your dogs, cats, horses, fish, rabbits, turtles, snakes.... even yourself with the Homemade Pet Treats MakerHammacher Schlemmer guarentees it for life, and it's on sale!


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