Hank The K9 Becomes Number #1 Team Member Of Milwaukee Brewers [Videos]

This year when Milwaukee fans root for their team, they'll also be rooting for an adopted stray that's slowly winning the hearts and minds of a legion of fans. This season's Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training Camp was the scene of team members meeting an unexpected free agent player for the first time. When a Bishon Frise pup by the name of Hank (in honor of legendary Hank Aaron) wandered into the Maryvale Baseball Park on February 17, there wasn't much doubt that he would be honored with the distinction of becoming the teams' mascot.

The honor includes a baseball jersey complete with the number one and full access to the field, the dugout and everywhere the Brewers go. Reports indicate Hank will return to Milwaukee with the team after Spring Training, where fans will undoubtedly be waiting to welcome him.

Already assuming his duties as spokes-canine, Hank will rub paws with the Brewers sponsors, family members and execs when he travels on Southwest Airlines on his first trip to his new home.

FOX 11 News reported: "Dignitaries expected to be on hand for Hank’s airport arrival include Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett." Hank has already scored major points for other pets in need, raising thousands of dollars by posing with fans in a concourse booth at Spring Training games.

As a charitable fund-raising ambassador, Hank is donating those funds to the Humane Society.

This is as unique a-rag-to-riches story as you'll find. Less than one month ago, homeless Hank was wandering the streets of Phoenix. Instinctually finding the ballpark might have been his attempt to secure his evening meal. Little did this pup know that the hand-out waiting for him included a national spotlight where he could receive the admiraition of a growing number of fans - let alone all the hotdogs he can eat!

Ron Callari
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