Why party and boogie alone or with other mundane, two-legged companions? Bring your hamster along for the fun with this handy dandy hamster transport, as the little creature will fit right in. (Maybe someday he or she can be trained to serve as a designated driver too, but research indicates that is still a long way off.) This vest or belt is integrally formed with tubular, pet-receiving passageways, which extend around the wearer's body and terminate in pocket-like chambers for feeding and retrieval. (As of yet, there is still not one designed for formal wear, but that may well be in the works.)

Spectators can easily view the hamster’s movements along the passageways as the outer wall portions are transparent. (They will probably be more interested in looking at the wearer of this thing, however, as this getup surely represents a rather absurd sight to behold.) Graphics telling a “pet story” are marked on the vest and extend along portions of the passageways.

This vest represents a growing trend involving humanizing our pets. An animal person myself, I am not at all opposed; I merely suggest boundaries. Take a look, if you will, at Steve Levenstein’s article, Love Pet’s Sexy Lingerie and Lady Bee’s piece on 10 Fun Gifts for Dogsand Cat Lovers.

The patent for this invention is about ten years old, but it is just as silly now as it was then. Still, it is a noble attempt to keep your pet company. Or is it really the other way around?

One still must shrug and wonder if the following question doesn’t come to mind:

Why not get a life?

Those are the hamster’s words, by the way.

Who knows what the bearer of this silly vest could be saying?

Learn to party and boogie alone. In the end it will prove less embarrassing.