Pets do make hot accessories, just ask all of those celebrities who
carry their teeny, tiny dogs around like the pets are their favorite
purses. While we have seen some weird accessories overtime that
incorporate animals and fashion, this design just might take the cake
and alarm animal activists around the world.

Hamster HeelsHamster Heels

This image of these hamster heels has been floating around the Internet, but its origins have yet to be determined. We've seen some interesting things incorporated into shoes - like spiders and goldfish - but hamsters might just be pushing the boundary. This is one way to take your pet everywhere you go, but you'd better be prepared when your favorite little furry creature suffers a head injury or dies of heat exhaustion. Fashion can hurt, and that may be a sacrifice you'll make yourself, but you can't make that decision for another living creature!

 Via: If Shoes Could Kill

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