If you don't have any idea of who Grumpy Cat is then chances are you've
been trapped under a cyber-rock for over a year. The little cat with the
rather unfortunate (or fortunate) grumpy facial features has been an
internet sensation for most of her young life. Her popularity has led to
her visage being transformed into a stuffed animal so that everyone can
have their own Grumpy Cat Plush.

Grumpy Cat Plush ToyGrumpy Cat Plush Toy

Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce and that particular expression is caused by her being born with feline dwarfism. Her status as an internet icon has led her to have over a millions likes on Facebook and she has published her own book and calendar, not to mention she has her own line of merchandise. Now she has been immortalized in plush. This is one kitty who really earns her keep.

Grumpy Cat a.k.a. Tardar Sauce (Photo by David Berkowitz/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Grumpy Cat a.k.a. Tardar Sauce (Photo by David Berkowitz/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Grumpy Cat Plush isn't quite ready for prime time yet. You can place a pre-order HERE, and the target date for shipping is currently this coming December. So get the plush litter box ready to go so that your own Grumpy Cat can come home for Christmas!

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