Google’s been developing creative doodles for over a decade now. Whether, it's to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or special events in history, these gifs are something we’ve come to look forward to. So it’s not a surprise this year, that the Grand Daddy of search engines would continue the tradition of paying homage to that one very special woman in all our lives - our mothers.

However, the added wrinkle this year is that in addition to giving tribute to the human species, this year’s Goodle Doodle celebrates baby animals and their mothers as well. That’s right . . . Google’s search page on May 10, 2015 honors Moms from the animal kingdom— from tigers to rabbits to ducks.

Google Doodler OliGoogle Doodler Olivia HuynhGoogle Doodler Olivia Huynhvia Huynh says she chose a watercolor texture this year because “there is something comforting and familiar about it,” noted Amy Gesenhues in her review in Search Engine Land.

On the Google Doodle blog, Huynh writes, “Brainstorming for this Doodle and thinking of my own mom, lots of small moments and gestures of affection came up, so I decided to concentrate on that as a concept.”

Google has also included a link on its homepage that returns image search results for “baby animals and their mothers.” Before arriving at the final animation, Huynh completed the following series of sketches that she shared when explaining her creative process.

“I spent awhile trying to figure out how I could use style to keep the characters somewhat minimalistic and relatable since Mother’s Day is celebrated all around world.” says Huynh.

“Once I settled on the concept I did a quick rough pass at animation to make sure it would work visually.”

“Thank you, moms, for bearing us, and bearing with us, every step of the way,” add Huynh.

And thank you Ms. Huynh for creating such a special tribute for all our Moms -- and especially for those found in the Wild!