Since May of 2007, Google Street View has been panoramically mapping the world's highways and byways while coincidentally snapping who (or what) ever happens to be around at the time, including the odd animal or two... or even ten!

10) Hold That Tiger!

Not the striped crossing you expected? Not to worry, drivers and pedestrians can confidently go about their business at or around DecorAsian furnishings in Boulder, Colorado as the marauding maneater above happens to be made of immobile fiberglass. (Google Street View animal image via Jon Rafman/Smithsonian)  

9) Mask Hysteria

Google solves a crime wave! The suspect, described as short, hairy and wearing a mask was recorded breaking into a second floor room of a home in Narva, Estonia. Nothing of consequence was reported missing but the cat is being treated for shock. (Google Street View animal image via Streetview Funny)

8) Foal House

One could wait hours or even days for something to appear at this pastoral country crossing so visually capturing the mare & foal above was especially serendipitous. Thank Jon Rafman of for scouring Google Street View's archives for just these types of one-of-a-kind images. (Google Street View animal image via NY Daily News


7) Neckst!

“License and registration please...” and if you've got any tasty snacks that would also be cool. Yep, getting pulled over by a black & white ain't what it used to be and pleading ignorance is no excuse: the arresting officer has got a monopoly on burying one's head in the sand. (Google Street View animal image via Streetview Funny)

6) Ribbeting Footage

Whatever floats yer boat, Google, and in this instance the boat floats on an Amazonian waterway in the Rio Negro Reserve near Tumbira, Brazil. The airborne amphibian above performed its photobomb during a joint project by Google Street View and Google Earth Outreach, the results of which were released online on World Forest Day, March 21st, 2012. (Google Street View animal image via Mirror Online)  

5) Me & My Gull

It's a Brighton shiny day on the English coast and the seagulls are going about their business just like the rest of us, though not on an empty stomach. This fine feathered freeloader wants to make sure that when you do a GIS for “cheeky bread-snatching bird,” he'll appear in all his gluttonous glory. (Google Street View animal image via Brighton and Hove News)

4) Wildlife In The Fast Lane

“To heck with permafrost,” said this rampaging reindeer from northern Norway, “I'm taking a shortcut.” Actually this impressively antlered reindeer has a good reason for running down Rv888 in frigid Finnmark: his fjord is in for repairs. (Google Street View animal image via Jon Rafman/ IBTimes

3) Another Fawn Mess

Google's Street View cars had only hit the road for three months when one of them hit something on it: a young deer. Though the driver was very upset and immediately called the police, he was told that an average of 60,000-70,000 deer collisions occur annually in New York and most end up worse than this one. Happily for all concerned, the deer was only stunned and promptly jumped back into the woods. (Google Street View animal image via SMH

2) Fluttering By

Jon Rafman does it again, selecting one perfectly peaceful frame from Google Street Views voluminous image archive. The conjunction of a serenely soaring Monarch Butterfly with the all-too-human street scene in the background is simply amazing, especially when one remembers these images aren't dependent upon a human photographer who chooses to click the shutter at a time of his or her choosing. (Google Street View animal image via Jon Rafman/

1) Donkey Punched

The latest Google Street View critter to go viral is this nameless donkey whose ticket was nearly punched by the camera car whilst enjoying a leisurely middle-of-the-road dust bath in Botswana, Africa's Kweneng region. Panicky netizens ass-umed at first the poor jenny had been rendered into roadkill but Google was pleased to confirm to the waiting world via a Maps blog post that “the donkey is alive and well.” Now ain't that a kick? (Google Street View animal image via Cnet)  


Google has sent specially-equipped Street View cars, trikes and even snowmobiles to 39 countries around the world, logging upwards of 5 million miles in the process. In all those miles (kilometers, whatever), it's nice to know the only awkward animal interaction involved a single shaken-up deer and a few cases of slightly bruised pride – and we're not lion. (Google Street View animal images top and above via Hindu Business Line and Jon Rafman at, respectively)

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