You may never have heard a cat fart, but you will if you download this game app from the iTunes app store.  You will hear loud, disgusting, gross-out farts, made the worse when you try to feed Fart Cat food he doesn't want.  Who is Fart Cat aimed at?  Any seriously deranged kid or adult with quick gaming fingers....


Fart Cat may want some of these foods to make him fart: screen shot via


There's a method to Fat Cat's mad need to fart.  It's his owner.  She's too affectionate for him, so he 'avoids' her affection by farting so strongly (too bad you can only hear it!) that she stays 'at arm's length.' Actually, when you see her arm entering the screen, you'll have to hustle to keep from losing the game.


 Fat Cat's owner wants to cuddle with him: screen shot via


So, think fast, and get that fart producing food into Fart Cat.  The faster you feed him what he wants, the closer you get to winning the game - you can graduate to higher levels. Yes, it's silly, but it;s also fun. Watch here....



Tip:  Play this game with earphones.


 Fart Cat was developed by Summer Camp Studios and is available at

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