Whether you enjoy evening strolls together, or if your best friend likes to drag you around, there’s a safer way to go about your exercising and bonding ritual. Here’s some stylish stuff to ensure that every walk is a safe and happy one:


This extensive line of LED-lined collars and leashes look just as great during the day as they do when the sun goes down. Dog-e-Glow’s stylish canine fashion will make sure that you and your puppy are noticed, which can be especially helpful if you plan on taking a walk together at dusk or dawn. While their leashes are for every dog, Dog-e-Glow is planning on expanding their series of collars to smaller pups soon. (But if you’ve got a medium or large sized doggie, they’ll look paws-itively shimmering in these collars!) My personal favorites include the green camouflage, adorable “Eat Play Love” leash and their Dots patterned collars and leashes. When your dog glows like Christmas, you’ll never have to worry about anyone accidentally bumping into you two during a jog, ever again!


Bungee Pupee


It took a while and a bit of training, but my golden retriever pal Jessie doesn’t pull too much when we go for a walk. (I’m not saying that she’s stopped, but still!) The Bungee Pupee Crew has expandable leashes for every dog breed that expand and constrict as your dog decides to pull. No one likes the feeling of being dragged behind what feels like a rampaging golden rhino, but the immediate resistance that your dog will feel as soon as they try to pull away will quickly teach her polite walking etiquette, while keeping your arm embedded in its socket. Bungee Pupee’s shock absorbing leashes are an essential tool for the next time your dog feels the urge to take off after that squirrel, cat or scooter!




For a reflective solution that works, you can’t beat Boett’s take on classic reflective dog gear. If you’ve ever been covered with florescent strips of brilliantly shiny reflective neon yellow strips for biking, jogging, trick-or-treating or any other low-visibility outdoor activity, you’ll know exactly how effective they are. Boett has a wide range of collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs of all sizes and even a special kitty collar for outdoor cats. We don’t want you to play in traffic, but it never hurts to play it safe!

Now that your dog is shining brightly and won’t tug you around like you’re walking an angry tiger, go out and have a secure, leisurely run whenever you want! Have a fun time everyone!

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