Vacation time is just around the corner and that means you need to get
away from stress of the day job and all the responsibilities at home --
but not necessarily your dog. Where can you go where you and your pooch
can go to relax with activities for you to share? How about the Glen
Highland Farm and their Canine Country Getaway in Upstate New York,

 Canine Country GetawayCanine Country Getaway

At the 175-acre former dairy farm you can rent a cabin, bring your RV, or set up a tent (there are existing RVs and tents available for rent). The farm has a 5-mile network of paths and trails for hiking or running, creeks for wading, a pool for swimming, and so much more  At every turn there are new "sniffs" for your dog to explore through lawns, meadows, fields, and woods. The best part is that the entire farm is off-leash for your dog so it can fully engage in the vacation experience.

Canine Country GetawayCanine Country Getaway


There is also an agility course, so the two of you can also spend some time in training. A catch-and-release fishing pond stocked with trout and bass for humans while your dog naps in the shade or investigates the underbrush. You don't need to worry about them digging through the underbrush as the grounds are virtually tick free due to the winter climate there.

Canine Country Getaway Agility CourseCanine Country Getaway Agility Course

The farm also hosts a canine camp, a Border collie rescue facility, and every summer it hosts a camp for at-risk kids from New York City and Newark.

Canine Country Getaway Shared Cooking FacilitiesCanine Country Getaway Shared Cooking Facilities

You will also be surrounded by other enthusiastic dog people and their
best friends, so you know that you will be in the company of kindred
spirits. This is a facility designed for adults and their dogs, so children are not permitted to stay at the camp. No crazy cat ladies are allowed either.

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