I found THE perfect Goth gift for Valentine's Day - for man or woman. It's stunning, sexy, and totally cool. So if your honey favors bats and dragons to more modern household pets, here's the scoop....

Our favorite Goths at Think Geek are modeling the Dragon Ear Wrap!  


 Dragon Ear WrapDragon Ear Wrap


Made of English pewter, this slithery lizard hugs your ear like a spear, with the help of a standard pierced hole in the ear lobe to secure the beast.


Dragon Ear WrapDragon Ear Wrap


A little more than 3 inches tall, the Dragon Ear Wrap winds around your Valentine's ear and loves to guard the little treasures locked into the ear's pierced cartilage, in addition to whispering all kinds of nasty ideas into the ear itself.  

The beautiful beast is available for right and left ear.  Get one now, before it's too late, at ThinkGeek.com

(Oh, yeah, ThinkGeek also has a Dragon Wrap Ring to match!)


That's the buzz for today!