Microbes are the tiniest animals on the planet and you can give your
friends just exactly the disease you choose for them this holiday
season, or just go for the Christmas Tree Microbe Box to infect them
with the spirit of the season.

Giant Plush MicrobesGiant Plush Microbes

These cute little stuffed animals are like none you have ever seen before. Each one is based, more or less, on photos of their microscopic selves. The selections range from the common cold virus to cancer. There are even a few human parts included such as red blood cells, brain cells, ovum, and sperm. But the really fun ones are the diseases.

Zombie VirusZombie Virus

Among my favorites are the Zombie Virus, the Brain-Eating Amoeba, and E. Coli. There is something terribly snobbish about a bacterium that insists on going by its initial. The Waterbear is downright cute, though I wouldn't want to meet one in a dark alley, and the Cancer cell is interactive.

Christmas Tree Microbe BoxChristmas Tree Microbe Box

The Christmas gift box selection contains the Common Cold virus wearing a Santa hat, a Brain Cell holding a candy cane, the Kissing Disease holding a sprig of mistletoe (Gee, I wonder why?), E. Coli wearing reindeer antlers, and the limited edition Red Amoeba festively adorned a winter scarf and a gold bow. Raging infections have never been so cute.

Cancer CellCancer Cell

The microbes make a great gift for a number of different people -- doctors, nurses, dentists, and people who eat, breathe, and drink. If you are of a seriously twisted sort you could even gift them to your favorite germ-phobic person. 

To order the Christmas Tree Microbe Box or any other microbe for family or friends, click here.