If your cat thinks his artificial cat tree is tacky, don't make him suffer with it. A real tree adds so much prestige to a cat's natural need for status, and it's design friendly too.


The Feline Cat Tree from Hammacher SchlemmerThe Feline Cat Tree from Hammacher Schlemmer


Hammacher Schlemmer's Feline Tree House is nothing less than cat classy.  Each Feline Tree house is, in fact, custom made from a real dragonwood tree harvested from sustainable dragonwood forests in Florida and Georgia.  And each plywood cat perch is placed at a natural contour of the tree branch chosen as the foundation of the cat tree

With silk leaves for camouflage, the 72 inch Feline Tree House has comfy carpeted perches and a sisal-covered post for scratching.  Carpeting is attached to shelves with hook and loop material so that it can be removed for cleaning. Like other Hammacher Schlemmer products, the Feline Cat Tree comes with a lifetime guarentee.


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