I know, they cost a pretty penny, or rather several pretty euros to be exact, but so do those beautiful dining room chair legs of yours. Whatever you have that's expensive or treasured, you can be sure a new puppy will be totally unable to resist breaking in his teeth by chewing on it.


Chew Leg Cover, a must for teething puppiesChew Leg Cover, a must for teething puppies


Chew Leg Cover dog toyChew Leg Cover dog toy


The clever Chew Leg Cover has the best chance of saving your furniture legs from the rambunctious puppy chewer, when you wrap it around the legs.  Puppies love to lie on their sides and use their paws, as well as their mouths while teething, which is what makes chair legs such attractive 'teethinjg rings.'

The Chew Leg Cover is solid natural rubber, hard enough to provide resistance to a pup, but soft enough to make chewing fun. It is, after all, both a furniture protector and a dog toy!

I advise the Chew Leg Cover from experience, or rather, several experiences.  Designed by Jennifer Yoko Olson for for Turkish design firm, Gaia & Gino, you can purchase the toy from the online Dutch store, Wannakes in cream, blue, black, fuchsia, and purple.


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