Doggy Santa: Holiday Pet PhotographyDoggy Santa: Holiday Pet Photography


The holidays are a time for gathering with family and friends that usually include countless Kodak moments. It’s also a time for folks to create lasting images of their kids sitting on Santa’s lap or group shots to be sent out as Christmas cards. Often times those photos include family pets. If your pets are your family, there are places you can go and get their pictures taken with holiday backdrops and props, including Santa, to add to your photo album. If you’d like to arrange a photo shoot for or with your little darlings, you now have more options than ever.


PetSmart is just one of many pet product and service providers that is offering photo opportunities for pet pix. Not only will they let you strike a pose together, but they’ve got fun accessories to adorn your pet in, if you don’t have your own props. There are also photo opps for sitting in Santa’s lap, too. The resultant images are professional quality and worthy of framing. You could easily use them as your Christmas cards. Check with your local PetSmart to determine which days and the times they’ll be performing the service in your area.


Taking Your Own Holiday Pet Pictures: Have someone distract your pets from behind you so they don't end up in the pictureTaking Your Own Holiday Pet Pictures: Have someone distract your pets from behind you so they don't end up in the picture


Minted Stationary

A business by the name of Minted Stationary provides pet holiday cards so you can send a furry greeting with your best bud front and center that include cute sentiments such as “Happy Howl-I-Days” with the “I” shaped as a dog bone, “Unleash the Holidays,” “Cold Nose, Warm Wishes” and even “ I Did Eat the Fruit Cake.” You simply upload a photo into your chosen design, of which they have many, and then they create the cards for you and ship the order. You can still receive orders by December 24 with free expedited shipping. Simply to Impress offers similar products.

Tips for Taking Pet Pictures

For anyone who wants to take their own pictures rather than brave the crowds or break the bank, there are a few tips for getting the perfect shot. Ever wonder how photographers get dogs to do that adorable head cock? Well, as you’re snapping the picture try blowing into a harmonica or even a toy kazoo, and you’re almost guaranteed to evoke the response you’re looking for. Lighting is probably the most important component to any successful picture, but natural light works best. Try early morning or late afternoon. Avoid using a flash, get down eye level with them and concentrate on close, simple shots.


Holiday Pet Pictures: Posing pets for photographsHoliday Pet Pictures: Posing pets for photographs


Pet Photographers

If you want to go all out, do a search for pet photographers in your area. You’d be surprised how many specialize in the subject matter. Most of them are independent. In Los Angeles, there’s Bark Pet Photography. In Orlando, Le Puparazzi takes professional photographs. In New York, celebrity pet photographer Jim Dratfield’s Petography is available, if you want to give your pets the red carpet treatment. But for something a little less ambitious, JC Penny does pet portraits at a reasonable price with good results. Whatever you decide, now’s the time to get it done, if you’re going to do it.