Get Your Horse Ready For Spring In Beautiful & Cozy Fleece Coolers

These are two of the prettiest horse coolers I've come across, and they're a great buy too!


Cooling comes naturally to fleece, and these Masta Embroidered Flower Fleece Coolers let you show off your beautiful horses in fleece and in style.  The Mastas are made with a wither pad, twin fully-adjustable buckles at the front and belly, and a rear tail cord.  The chest of the cooler is satin-lined, as are the two cross-surcingles. 

The embroidered flowers reside on both rear sides of the very feminine pink and very baby blue coolers.  The coolers come in pony and horse sizes.  Perfect for Spring, they can also be used under heavier blankets in winter.

Masta Embroidered Flower Fleece Coolers are sweet.  And they are on sale now at a ridiculously low price at HorseLoverZ. 


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Apr 1, 2010
by Anonymous
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What about durability? Do you really know what horses do in their daily lives? They roll. They jump around. They groom each other. These fleece coolers wouldn't last a day on my horse...and she's not that active! Plus, there's the cleanliness aspect. Fleece picks up dirt like you'd have to have one for every day of the week in order to keep a relatively clean one on your horse.

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