The crazy cat lady has become an iconic American stereotype that we
simultaneously love and cringe over. Move over Barbie and GI Joe. There
is a new woman in the neighborhood and she has way too many cats -- it
is the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure!

Crazy Cat Lady Action FigureCrazy Cat Lady Action Figure

You can experience the overcrowding, the tripping over cats, the furballs. Experience everything but the smell and the visits from animal control officers. The life-like figure includes the matted hair, the shredded bathrobe, and that shell-shocked look from being woken up too many times in the night by SOMEONE who wants to be fed, cuddled, or played with.

Crazy Cat Lady Action FigureCrazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Actually this is cat lady lite because she only has eight cats. It is more of a crazy cat lady starter kit and it will be up to you to add to her collection until she keels over from the litter box fumes. 

Crazy Cat Lady Action FigureCrazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Really it is a fun toy and a great conversation piece. It is for children ages 6 to 60 and beyond, and a great gift for the cat people in your life. It is also a great way to have a cat lady in your life without actually having to live with one.

To order your own Cat Lady Action Figure, click here. For the pink version, click here.  To order extra cats, click here.

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