Bear-ly have time to paws between buying, wrapping and sending out Christmas presents? Give yourself a moment to relax with this series of stunning wallpaper images of grizzlies, polar bears, giant pandas and other ferocious and fuzzy bears. (No lions or tigers, I promise!) Click on your favorites to download!


Posing Brown BearPosing Brown Bear




Baby Panda In The SnowBaby Panda In The Snow




Swimming Polar BearSwimming Polar Bear





"Don't Kiss Me!""Don't Kiss Me!"




Hungry Giant PandaHungry Giant Panda




Polar Bear CuddlesPolar Bear Cuddles





Grassy Black BearGrassy Black Bear








She Just Needs A Bear Hug!She Just Needs A Bear Hug!








A Grizzly Fishing TripA Grizzly Fishing Trip




Sleepy Sun BearSleepy Sun Bear



Did you enjoy our collection of HD bear wallpapers? I hope you did, and don’t be afraid to suggest your favorite animals for the next wallpaper gallery! Until next time!