That monster under the bed will hold no fears for your child once he or
she has made friends with this cool Cthulhu Hopper Ball.

 Cthulhu Hopper BallCthulhu Hopper Ball

You little one can take this monster to task by hopping his head all over the house. It comes deflated, but it also comes with a pump to help you inflate it quickly. This is your chance to introduce your child to the worlds of myth and fantasy that you are interested in. It is also the chance to let your kid know that they can take on any ancient monsters at any time.

Cthulhu Hopper BallCthulhu Hopper Ball

This toy is not intended for children under 3 years of age due to small parts. Cthulhu is also plush for cuddly comfort as he gets the daylights bounced out of him. Surface washable. It is also completely low tech to keep you kids away from electronics for at least a few minutes longer.

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