When you own a pet, either cat or dog, you just never know what they
will chose to bring home with them after they've been out on their own.
This was especially true for one couple in Kansas City, Missouri when
their dogAlligator Head (Photo by Chris Sloan/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Alligator Head (Photo by Chris Sloan/Creative Commons via Wikimedia) came home last week -- with the head of an alligator. At first
they just couldn't believe it was real.

The VanNoys figured that the rest of the gator couldn't be far behind. So Mike went looking and found the carcass right next to their backyard playground where their grandchildren play. He estimates that the reptile must have been between four and five feet long when it was alive.

Animal control declined to look into the matter stating that they only deal with indigenous species. They did tell the VanNoys that since alligators are not found naturally in the Kansas City area, it was most likely a pet that escaped or was set free. The VanNoys have sent the head to an animal research facility in Colorado to determine how long the alligator had been out there. 

While no answers are readily available, the VanNoys still want to get to the bottom of what happened. They know that this was undoubtedly an isolated incident, but Mike commented that it will always be in the back of his mind now.

Source: Mail Online


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