Does your kid love animals?  Add some whimsy to your child's snack time with these cute and simple DIY animal-themed snacks that are both healthy and just plain fun to look at.  While your kiddo may or may not be a picky eater, you can still spice up snack time by creating some fun food art.

Getting your child to eat healthy couldn't be easier with these15 super easy and  visually appealing creations for your tiny  animal lover. ( *Warning:  Snacks may mysteriously disappear from the plate before you get a chance to serve them.* )


1. Banana Doggie


 Source: thebananapolice

This adorable puppy is begging your kiddo to take it for a walk on Happy & Healthy Street.  All you need is bananas, chocolate chips, blueberries and raspberries to put together this cute and healthy snack.

2. Teddy Bear Toasts

Source: creativeandhealthyfunfoods

With these teddy toasts you won't mind your child playing with their food.  These adorable bears are made with toast, peanut butter, banana slices, and blueberries.  You can even get your kids involved by asking them to help put these easy teddy snacks together.

3. A Mousey Egg And Cheese Breakfast



Use a hard-boiled egg to create a fun story by turning it into a mouse munching on a tiny triangle of cheese.  Add carrot slices or cereal and place the mouse on a slice of bread.  Served with cherry tomatoes and carrot slices, you can allow your child's imagination to take over.

Teté A Teté With Dolphin Bananas

Source: pinterest

Watch these dolphin shaped bananas as they swim in a sea of grapes.  Black pepper corns or cloves can be used to make cute little eyes.

5. Butterfly Sandwich Bites

Source: lauragt.hubpages

Take your child’s favorite sandwich to the next level by cutting it into a fun shape like these beautiful butterflies.  You could freehand the shape or buy a cookie cutter.  Simply add sliced cucumbers, cheese, carrots, etc. for the antennas and your child will be giggling over the delicious butterflies in their stomach.


6. Hello Kitty Sandwich



These cute hello kitty sandwiches are super easy to build. Spring onion greens make for some quirky whiskers while cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper strips, and ham slices make the notorious Hello Kitty bow.
Add eyes and a little nose and your little one is all set to have fun with these nutritious sandwiches.

7. Strawberry Mice



Strawberry mice make for a delicious snack that are a breeze to make. Simply draw on some eyes with an edible marker and then add a mini chocolate chip for the nose.  Finish these mice off with almond flakes for the ears and licorice strands for a tail.  Tiny cheese triangles for the mice to nibble on adds to the fun.

8. Cucumber Caterpillar Sandwiches


Create an adorable caterpillar by placing several tiny circular salami sandwiches on a skewer.  Use a cherry tomato for the head with radish eyes and cucumber legs.  A lettuce leaf garnish makes for a perfect caterpillar snack that your kid will hopefully want to steal.


9. Blueberry and Grapes Peacock

 Blueberry and grapes peacockBlueberry and grapes peacock

To make this fancy peacock come to life, all it takes are a few halved grapes, some blueberries, half a pear, cloves for the eyes, and some carrot trimmings.  This is a fun way to add delicious fruits to your little one's meal.


10. Bacon and Egg Rabbit


Source: pinterest

 Don’t be late to this breakfast date.  Cook up this tiny white rabbit with a sunny side up or over easy egg, two blueberries for eyes, carrot strips (of course!) for whiskers, and two long bacon strips make this bunny and your tiny human's belly hoppy.

11. Juicy Green Turtle



Juicy green grapes placed around and on top of a halved bright green apple create a cute and yummy turtle snack. 

 12. Octopus Apple



Release the kraken!  And a ton of nutrition with this octopus that is made with half of a green apple as well as green grapes. Chocolate chips can be used to make the eyes and mouth of this smiley sea critter.

13. Pear Bear


This ultra-cute teddy bear can be put together using two brown pears.  All parts of the bear can be made by cutting the pear in different shapes.

Icing eyes and a blueberry snout complete this healthy snack and then it's time to get your munch on.

14. Banana Swirl Snail



It’s peanut butter jelly and snail time!  A whole banana makes the body of this delectable snail while a circular peanut butter sandwich topped with jelly swirls makes the shell.
If your little one doesn't want to eat this, you could always ask if they'd prefer escargot instead.

 15. Hungry Apple Caterpillar


Caterpillars make great midday snacks.  Create your own caterpillar by using green apple chunks, a yummy Babybel cheese head, and fruit leather or fruit roll ups cut to make dainty legs and two antennae.

Having fun with your food is a great way to promote health and introduce your child to nutrition.  With healthy and delicious finger foods like these, you won't mind when your little one plays with their food.