Proboscis Monkey: Fugly Friday

If you think that your nose is a bit over-sized for your face, you haven't seen a proboscis monkey. This fugly primate has an epic schnozzola that hangs lower than its mouth and has none of the useful traits of an elephant's trunk or an anteater's snout.

 Proboscis Monkey (Photo by Nemesea/Creative Commons via Wiiimedia)Proboscis Monkey (Photo by Nemesea/Creative Commons via Wiiimedia)

In addition to the unbelievable nose, the monkey possesses a beer belly that would put any self-respecting redneck to shame. These traits exist in both males and females, though the female is smaller. They are one of the largest species of monkey and make their home on the island of Borneo.

 Proboscis Monkey (Photo by David Dennis/Creative Commons via Wikipedia)Proboscis Monkey (Photo by David Dennis/Creative Commons via Wikipedia)

The monkey is considered endangered due to loss of habitat and hunting. No doubt mating can also be a challenge. To think that we humans have issues with where the noses go is almost laughable in comparison.

Source: Wikipedia

Laurie Kay Olson
Animal News Blogger


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