This frog is not only FUGLY, but big as well. No cute little froggies
here -- this is more like the anti-Kermit. To make him extra fugly, he
is also albino with areas that would normally be green and black, this
guy is orange and yellow. It all adds to the fugliness.

Pacman Frog (Public Domain Image)Pacman Frog (Public Domain Image)

This animal is called the Pacman frog due to its large mouth and rounded shape that is reminiscent of the iconic video game from the early 1980s. It will eat just about everything that comes its way -- insects, fish, rodents, even each other.

Albino Pacman Frog in Television Show "Dead Like Me" (You Tube Photo)Albino Pacman Frog in Television Show "Dead Like Me" (You Tube Photo)

For humans the Pacman frog can make a docile exotic pet inside a 10-gallon tank with the right environmental set up. The frog has also made a small inroad into the entertainment world when one was the pet for the main character for the short-lived television series "Dead Like Me" in 2003.

Source: Wikipedia


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