This guy probably wouldn't be quite so FUGLY if he didn't look like he
got dressed in a dark closet.  With a few gold chains he could give Mr. T
some competition. You would think that an ornate hawk-eagle would look more majestic rather than grumpy and badly dressed. Maybe he really just has bad taste in feathers. Perhaps the look is meant to confuse his prey into thinking that he's not all that dangerous. At any rate, he looks like he needs a good makeover.

 Ornate Hawk-Eagle (Photo by Nellu Mazilu/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Ornate Hawk-Eagle (Photo by Nellu Mazilu/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

The ornate hawk-eagle is native to tropical areas of the Americas, and, though not an enormous bird, lives in nests built of sticks that measure three feet across. The species is considered near threatened.

Source: Wikipedia