This creature is sooooooo freaking FUGLY you may want to gag a bit. It
kind of resembles a fuzzy potholder that the dog decided to shred and
then throw in the compost heap. The fact that it is alive and moves
makes it all the fuglier.

Monkey Slug (Photo by Jerry A. Payne/Creative Commons via Wikipedia)Monkey Slug (Photo by Jerry A. Payne/Creative Commons via Wikipedia)

The monkey slug is the larval stage of the hag moth. It is so fugly that it can be mistaken for the shed skin of a hairy spider. It has six pairs of "arms," three long and three short. They are really just projections covered in hairs. Contrary to popular belief the hairs do not sting, but some people may experience a skin reaction to the hairs. The arms can fall off without harming the caterpillar.

The monkey slug lives primarily in orchards, but is not a significant threat to agriculture. The caterpillar creates a cup-shaped cocoon for metamorphosis into a hag moth. 

Source: Wikipedia


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