There is fugly and then there is really fugly. This bird is in serious
need of a makeover. Aside from looking like he bought the cheapest
toupee off the rack, he needs to call his plastic surgeon. That face is
crying out for an eye-life and a beak-job. Those nostrils are so big you can see right through its beak.

Bare-Faced Curassow (Photo by Christopher Gabbard/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Bare-Faced Curassow (Photo by Christopher Gabbard/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

The bare-faced curassow comes from the forests of South America where it forages on the ground primarily for seeds, flowers, and fallen fruit. It is a fairly common bird in these areas and is closely related to the pheasant. They are most easily noticeable in the mornings and evenings when they are most likely to make their deep, booming call. The birds sleep perched in the trees to remain out of reach of predators.

The bare-faced curassow gets its name from an extensive amount of bare black skin on its face 

Sources: Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Bird Forum

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