If you are the sort of person who likes to challenge the sensibilities
of the neighbors it may be time to release the Kraken with this cool
Octopus Garden Sculpture. After all, those garden gnomes have been done
to death -- or they will be once these tentacles strike.

Octopus Garden SculptureOctopus Garden Sculpture

one of these metal cephalopods is handmade in Arizona by artist Chris
Crooks to look like it is rising from the deep under your lawn. Only
four tentacles appear above the surface, but that is enough to get the
point across. The creature has a lovely rust patina that will darken
over time.

Octopus Garden SculptureOctopus Garden Sculpture

Each segment of the sculpture is affixed in
place with mounting brackets and sturdy 6" stakes. This is one lawn
ornament that would-be thieves would have to work really hard to walk
off with before the neighborhood watch had them spread-eagle against the
garage door. It is also something that would be a lot of fun to
decorate for the holidays.

To check this Octopus Garden Sculpture out for yourself, click here.