I work at home. My office has two tables, two bookcases, all shapes, styles, and sizes of "organizing" units, and a desk. My cat has plenty of places to hang, including a great spot where she can watch the wild birds from my office window. Does she hop up on that perch? Or any other of the 12 perching spots available in the room?

Nope. My cat's a desk cat. She must plop down on my keyboard or just above it, smack in front of my computer screen.

If this describes your cat's disregard for your work, then you will agree about the coolness of the Kitt-In Box, a perch specifically designed for the desk cat.



The Kitt-In Box is the latest cat product from The Refined Feline, designer of cat furniture. The box is designed so that it can be attached to the side of your desk or sit on top of it. Rubber cushioning on the legs and brackets insures that the Kitt-In Box will not scratch your desk. But it will keep your cat off your keyboard.


The Kitt-In-Box is available in three wood finishes: cherry, birch, and mahogany. It may be ordered direclty from The Refined Feline at $49.99.

via Coolest Gadgets

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