With Halloween upon us, how could some crazy monster videos not creep
into the Animal Video of the Day?  In this case, we have a fun (and
somewhat gruesome) comparison of two of my personal favorite films.  The
original The Fly is a product of its time; fun, cheesy, and just plain
entertaining.  David Cronenberg's re-imagining of this film is also a
product of its time--but requires quite a strong stomach to sit

Warning: If you've not seen these films, there are SPOILERS in this video.  And... well, as these are monster movies, get ready for a bit of... splatter.


I tend to prefer Cronenberg's version.  It is extremely well-made, the characters are sympathetic, it is darkly humorous, and spawned a sequel that I found extremely entertaining.  If you've never seen these films, do yourself a favor.  Curl up with your favorite person, get a pizza and some beer, and have a good evening of thrills and chills.  Well worth it.

Video uploaded by AlternatingLine on February 10, 2014.

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