Torrential rains in South Africa have led to flooding. In one area of the
country it led to a flood of a different kind when the Rakwena
Crocodile Farm in the northwest part of the country was forced to open
its floodgates to Crocodiles (Photo by Dewet/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Crocodiles (Photo by Dewet/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)avoid a storm surge. Communities downstream ended up
dealing with a different kind of flood as 15,000 crocodiles were able to
escape along with the water.

On Thursday the army and police were mobilized to rescue people from both the flood waters and the crocodiles.  One group of people who had sought refuge on the roof of the garage was rescued as a hungry group of crocodiles were circling.

Some of the crocs turned up on a school rugby pitch about 75 miles away. While ten people have died from the flooding (and countless more made homeless), no deaths or injuries have been reported from encounters with the reptiles. The owners of the farm get calls from local farmers as the crocs show up and they go and recapture them. About half of the creatures have been caught.

The Limpopo River had only had a few crocodiles before the flood. Now it has a large population -- a very large population.

Source: Seed Daily