A fishmonger in China was just going about his daily business and
slaughtering a squid for sale when he made a startling and potentially
deadly discovery. A live bomb had been swallowed by the squid, perhaps
Squid (Public Domain Image)Squid (Public Domain Image)having been mistaken for a tasty tidbit. Somehow the explosive device
survived being eaten and being fished out of the sea.

The three-pound bomb appeared old and rusty, but was still operational according to the authorities who were called in to remove the explosive. They believe that the device was most likely dropped by a fighter jet.

The creature had been caught in the shallow waters off Guangdong province and subsequently sold at the local fish market. The local paper ran the story with the tongue-in-cheek reminder for people to check their food for explosives before consuming and to contact the authorities should they find any.

The bomb was taken away and detonated in a controlled explosion. No doubt Mr. Huang is a little more cautious about gutting fish these days -- just in case.

Source: New York Daily News