Has the "first dog" just been upstaged? You remember the Portuguese Water Dog the Obama's welcomed into the Obama Administration back in 2008. So widely popular, he was even featured in the Marvel Comics' classic: "Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers," where he was paired with other super-powered beasties. However, with the recent arrival of a second canine to the White House named 'Sunny,' could Bo be taking a back-seat to a younger version of himself? Or might this new friend, come with benefits?

After all, Sunny is not only a happy go-lucky dog, she's a female puppy!

Sunny, born in Michigan, June 2012 is also a Portuguese Water Dog, which works out great for the Obama family who have experienced allergies with other long-hair dogs. Her name was selected because according to the White House blog, "it fit her cheerful personality."

Ingrid NewkirkIngrid NewkirkBut will Sunny become Bo's love interest or will her relationship with the First Dog be strictly platonic? Back in 2009, PETA's Ingrid Newkirk urged Obama to have Bo neutered, quipping, "sex in the White House has been the topic of past scandals, but with a simple 'snip,' the first dog can set a new tone and a great example."

However, Newkirk's advice was a bit premature.  According to U.S. News & World Report's Washington Whispers blog: "The White House seems to have beaten PETA to the punch. They tell Whispers that Bo has already been neutered."

In the past, Bo has always aided the First Family with their official duties, from visiting Walter Reed Hospital and the Children’s National Medical Center, to inspecting the Holiday decorations at the White House, to greeting guests at the White House on tours and at Easter Egg hunts.

But in October, the First Lady told reporters that she hosted a “doggie play date” because “Bo doesn't have enough dog interaction.” So now, in addition to helping with those official duties, Bo takes on the important role of big brother!

The Obama's suspect Sunny will follow in Bo's footsteps and keep the President company in the Oval Office, go for walks with the First Family after their 6:30 family dinner and even jump up on the First Lady’s lap from time to time! And who knows perhaps Sunny will take the new lead role in Lockjaw's next great adventure!