Up for a challenge? Cat lovers know just how sneaky and ingenuitive these creatures can be. Cats often use their surroundings and natural camouflage to their advantage in order to become Hide and Seek Champions at an almost creepy level. Do you feel like you're being watched? Try to find these sly felines in Petslady's Hide and Seek Challenge.

1. A Warm Up

Just getting you warmed up a bit. How fast did you find this ninja kitty?

2. Stuffed

Getting a little harder now. This cat sure loves his stuffed companions.

2. I Spy With My Little Eye

That's one adorable little couch potato right there.

3. Not So Easy Like Sunday Morning

I can't help but wonder how many times this little house panther has been squished.

4. Hide And Seek Level: Ninja

Every move you make, I'll be watching you *shudders*.

5. Funny Looking Tree

Definitely not making it easy for the Fire Department to get this kitty down.

6. Peek A Boo

Spam mail as kitty litter? I like it.

7. Office Space

Maybe this cat is doing some catfishing in chatrooms.

8. Snack Thief

Sure, cats are fluffy but I don't recommend using them to wipe.

9. The Case Of The Hidden Kitty

I think this cat's got a knack for hiding, don't you?

10. Do You See Me?

I know you're home. Can you come out and play?

11. Yoo-hoo!

I'll pass on the splinters.

12. I Am The Night

All I'm saying is I would scream like a little girl once the TV turned on.

13. What A Cat-sty

Need a hint? Mirror, mirror, on the floor, who's the comfiest cat of all?

14. Soak Up The Sun

Hopefully this happy cat doesn't get raked up with the leaves.

15. Hiding In Plain Sight

There's nothing more creepy than when something is hiding in plain sight. Did you find the kitty?

16. Tricky

Did you find the cat? Well, how 'bout the dog? Gotcha.

Hope you had fun playing Petslady's Hide and Seek Challenge!