There is something delightfully tranquil and relaxing about watching a
goldfish swimming around its bowl. It is so. . . Zen. Ommmmm. Traveling
can be just the opposite as you deal with airports, trains, taxis,
crowds, Goldfish Bowl (Photo by Miyuki Kobayashi/Creatice Commons via Wikimedia)Goldfish Bowl (Photo by Miyuki Kobayashi/Creatice Commons via Wikimedia)luggage -- well, you get the idea. Now one hotel in Dutton,
Cheshire, England is offering guests the chance to de-stress by renting a
goldfish for £5 a night.

The Happy Guest Lodge offers reasonable rates, comfortable rooms, a continental breakfast, and a goldfish "for hire." Ironically, but hardly coincidentally, named Happy.

Happy is the perfect pet to share a hotel room with since he is quiet, genial, and doesn't shed. You can pre-book him on-line when you make your reservation to assure that you will strike gold on your" vacay-stay."

Calico Goldfish (Photo by Humanfeather/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Calico Goldfish (Photo by Humanfeather/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)For those traveling on business, Happy makes a tranquil partner for the evening and gives the harried businessperson someone to talk to on a lonely night away from home. 

The unique idea stemmed from the need for fresh thinking to give a hotel a new edge in the hospitality industry. If the fish proves popular enough, more fish will be added to the staff.

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