It is said that elephants have very long memories but, sadly, some humans lose much of theirs. These beautifully decorated Alzheimer's Support Elephant Figurines help raise money for Alzheimer's research. Someday everyone will be able to keep their memories -- just like elephants.

Alzheimer's Support Elephant FigurineAlzheimer's Support Elephant Figurine

Whether you buy only the single elephant or the entire series of elephants, you will be dazzled by the vibrant colors and the accents of faux gems, marabou feathers, and gold.

 Alzheimer's Support Elephant Figurine, Issue TwoAlzheimer's Support Elephant Figurine, Issue Two

Each elephant has its trunk raised in joy and triumph. Elephants are also considered lucky and, as my grandfather told me when I was a tot, the raised sound means that the luck won't run off.

Alzheimer's Support Elephant Figurine, Issue ThreeAlzheimer's Support Elephant Figurine, Issue Three

So you can add a little luck to your life and bring hope to others by purchasing just the first elephant or the entire fabulous collection. To order the first Alzheimer's Support Elephant Figurine, click here. To order the entire collection of Alzheimer's Support Elephant Figurines, click here.