Okay, this isn't the newest video on the 'net.  But it still causes
controversy as to whether it is real or a great special effect.  I
reserve my opinion and want some feedback as to what you, my faithful
readers, think of this footage.

In my back yard, I've seen an eagle swoop down and take off with a rabbit (only to drop it through the trees--scared the hell out of me).  To solidify this--I used to live in a house where the backyard backed up to an area that could not be used for housing.  Swampy, overgrown, elephant ear plants 10-feet tall.  Really cool.  And there were two eagle's nests back in there--way up high.  I watched them daily from my porch.

While I'm not sure that this footage is real, it is extremely well-done and kudos to the effects team if that is so.

Video posted by Animal Wire on December 19, 2012.

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