When Sheila Marsh, 77, was dying of cancer recently, she had one last
wish -- to see her horses one more time. The staff at the Royal Albert
Edward Infirmary in Wigan, U.K. worked to arrange a visit for her from
two of her horses. On November 3 she was wheeled out to the parking lot
still in her bed for a special and very touching reunion with the

Bronwen says goodbye to Sheila Marsh (Image via Independent)Bronwen says goodbye to Sheila Marsh (Image via Independent)

She was unable to speak clearly, but she called to her favorite horse, Bronwen, as best she could. The horse came, bent down and softly nuzzled her cheek in a fond farewell. Marsh had taken care of the horse for 25 years and they were good friends.

The animal lover had six horses, three dogs, three cats, and a number of other animals. The weekend prior she had received a visit from one of her dogs which prompted her to voice her wish to see Bronwen to the nurses caring for her.

Marsh passed away just hours later. No doubt she was able to go more peacefully having had the chance to see her beloved Bronwen one last time.

Sources: BBC, Independent


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