It's not the sort of story you hear every day. Last September a wild boar
wandered into a campsite in Australia, discovered the campers' stash of
beer and went hog wild on a bender that led him to consume 18 beers,
PerhapsSleeping Pig (Photo by Si Griffiths/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Sleeping Pig (Photo by Si Griffiths/Creative Commons via Wikimedia) he thought he had actually wandered into a weekend frat party.
Maybe he thought he was at a Bar Mitzvah with an open bar (wait! he's
not kosher!). Either way he really made a pig of himself,

Instead of a snoot full, this boar had gotten a snout full. The pickled porker then apparently got the munchies and started rooting around other campsites for something to eat. At some time in this endeavor the boiled boar took offense to a nearby cow. Since she was probably chewing her cud he may have thought she was holding. 

So the boar took off after the cow, spoiling for a fight. The pugilistic porker may have thought he had the upper hoof, but he hadn't sized the situation up very well. The much larger bovine barreled after him and chased the drunken swine around a car several times before the swine jumped in the river for a swim. Yes, the swine swam. We are moving into tongue twister territory here.

Alarmed campers had called police, but by the time the local gendarmes arrived the pig had pooped out and was passed out under a nearby tree.There is no doubt that this hog needed a hair of the dog the next morning. 

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