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DooD Logo: ©DooDDooD Logo: ©DooD Two European-born dudes, Italian Andrea Carrano and Frenchman Ali Niroomand, decided to start feeding their dogs table scraps, like they did when they were kids.  Since living in the U.S., the pair had picked up American style dog cuisine - bagged kibble and canned wet food - but they noticed that their dogs were listless and seemed older than their years....

Now, Carrano and Niroomand are in business, making and delivering custom homemade food for dogs.  Their shop?  It's called DooD for Do(gFo)oD and there are now two - one in Manhatten, the other in L.A.

Sharing pet food samples with their neighbors turned out to be a great way to market their DooD.  In fact, the pair believes that it helped them raise $350,000 on Kickstarter, which was how they eventually shared their canine cuisine.

DooD, meet Dog: ©DooDDooD, meet Dog: ©DooD

Every dog that orders gets his own individual meal plan on DooD, based on his weight, age, and health. Diets are supervised by licensed veterinarians and contain no preservatives.  You will find that each meal is made from the very items we might be eating on a healthy diet, like the meal on the plate below.  The veggies may vary somewhat depending on the major protein, which may be steak, chicken, turkey, or lamb.

DooD dog food: ©DooDDooD dog food: ©DooD

To order, all you have to do is live in DooD's delivery area and go to the DooD website!

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