Don't Piss Off the Frog

Frogs are something of an anomaly to me.  I had one when I was a kid (and here in Florida, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a boy that didn't come home with some slimy amphibian at one time or another--now we just call that "dating").

What I didn't realize was that frogs are able to see two-dimensional images--which is something that cats and dogs have a hard time doing (though they do occasionally see their reflections or catch something on TV, which is always funny).  What I also didn't realize was that frogs can get pissed off when being teased.  This video proves it:


Even more odd is how this chameleon reacts to an iPhone:

Could there be a war building between Apple and the reptiles/amphibians of the world?  Is this a sign of The Apocalypse?

Only time will tell...

Teaser image by Max at Wikimedia Commons

John P. Barker
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