The Shabby Dog, seller of dog and people things that are anything but shabby, has come out with a line of products to get you and your dog off your respective bums.  After all, it's always easier to get in shape when you partner with a great companion.  And for a girl and her dog, Pupercise is chic and unique.


The Pupercise Pedometer

A clip on your hip gadget, that counts your daily steps, time, and calories burned by Pupercising.


The Shabby Dog Pupercise PedometerThe Shabby Dog Pupercise Pedometer



The Pupercise Watch/Wrist Cuff

You can wear the Pupercise Watch anytime, anywhere, but when Pupercising it's essential for some other Pupercise accessories.  


 The Shabby Dog Pupercise Watch/Wrist CuffThe Shabby Dog Pupercise Watch/Wrist Cuff



The Pupercise Leash

Well, it's about time there's a Pupercise for the pup.  The Pupercise Leash is as sharp and stunning as the Pupercise Watch/Wrist Cuff and, of course, it attaches to the Wrist Cuff if you like.  Adjustable to 4 or 5 feet,  you can also use this very lightweight leash by its handle.


The Shabby Dog Pupercise LeashThe Shabby Dog Pupercise Leash



The Pupercise Tote

A girl must have her credit cards, even while exercising.  Suppose pup wants a bottled water?  The Pupercise Tote, which can also be attached to the lovely Pupercise Watch/Wrist Cuff, is perfect for holding just what you need - your keys, cards, and iPhone. The Tote works as a stand alone evening bag too!


The Shabby Dog Pupercise ToteThe Shabby Dog Pupercise Tote



The Pupercise Kit

All of the above items can be purchased individually from The Shabby Dog.  But why do that, when you can purchase the whole kit, including all four Pupercise stunners, and save $47?  I'm sold.  


The Shabby Dog Pupercise KitThe Shabby Dog Pupercise Kit


The Shabby Dog Pupercise Kit in action!The Shabby Dog Pupercise Kit in action!


Pupercise accessories and the kit come in Silver, Gold, and Black.

The Shabby Dog via PawNation

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