This great video from National Geographic on June 18, 2013 shows you what NOT to
do.  To be specific--don't swim with giant carnivorous reptiles.  Other
than that, it's quite educational and cool to look at.

Living in Florida and being an active camper, I've had my experiences with large alligators.  While the caiman is not as large, that still doesn't make it right to swim around with them.  I've been in a canoe with an eight-foot long 'gator scraping the bottom of the boat while I'm rapidly pulling out my "Rambo" knife and trying to get my girlfriend to calm down before she tips us into the water with the monster.

Yeah... it's that kind of camping.  Middle of nowhere stuff.  And if you've seen a picture of me, you'll know that I'm built like a scarecrow.

So... a plea from me: Don't swim with these things...

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