On January 11, divers on a night dive to view manta rays off the coast
of Kona, Hawaii, were surprised when they were joined by a bottlenose
dolphin that was swimming strangely. The dolphin targeted one diver in
Bottlenose Dolphin (Public Domain Image)Bottlenose Dolphin (Public Domain Image)particular. That diver noticed that the dolphin was entangled with a
fish hook and line around its left fin. The fish seemed to be asking for

The diver, Kellar Laro, tried to remove the line to no avail as the dolphin kept coming back to let him try again. Laro finally pulled out his knife and worked to cut the line away from the fin as the dolphin continued to curve around him. Once the line was removed the dolphin surfaced for air. The hook was still lodged in the fin and the dolphin would rub itself against the ship's mooring to try to remove it.

The divers followed the dolphin and tried to remove the hook. The animal showed remarkable patience in allowing the divers to attempt the operation. Ultimately they were unable to remove the hook and the dolphin swam away.

Sources: KLIX, Hawaii News Now


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