Okay, I should have thought to do this cat bed myself, but I didn't.
Portuguese designer, Helder L. Santos did, however; and I'm going to
share his Ample Sample 2008 DIY project with you, with modified instructions. This cat bed is really easy to make!

All you need to make the Ample Sample cat bed is two carpet samples! A small drill and some rivets would be pretty useful too. And some rope for the sides... Here's exactly what you need:

  • 2 carpet samples or 2 same size pieces of carpet
  • 6 rivets
  • 2 pieces of thin rope (Santos recommends sisal rope string, but I'd like to use something more decorative.)
  • 1 large strong sewing needle to pull rope through carpet

And then....

1. On the short sides of the rectangular carpets, drill three holes along the sides -- both corners and between corners.


2. With the carpeted sides of the matts face-to-face, use the rivets to unite the carpets.

3. Choose which carpet you would like to have as the "bed"; the other will be the roof.

4. Thread needle with the rope and draw rope through the bed sides about an inch below a riveted edge, securing the rope with a firm knot. (if the carpet is too thick for the needle and rope, drill small holes and pull rope through. The holes must be small enough so a knot will hold when it is secured.) Extend the rope down the long side of the bed and draw through the opposite end of the carpet.

5. Repeat step 4 on the opposite side of the bed.

6. Shape the bed as shown in the Ample Sample photo before tying the two loose ends in a firm knot to secure the bed in its final shape.


Kitty can nap on the roof or in the bed, and she can scratch to her heart's delight on the entire surface! You can put a small pillow, cushion, or some fleecy material inside to make the bed more cozy, or leave the nice scratching surfaces available to her at any time. And you can DIY again for each of her lounging spots.

Ample Sample cat beds make great cat gifts too! Thank you, Mr. Santos!


That's the buzz for today!