Dogs Go To Pubs... Why Not Serve Them?


Bobby has to be served at home, but not a bad life...: © Alice Wang, with permissionBobby has to be served at home, but not a bad life...: © Alice Wang, with permission In Britain and Europe, people go to restaurants, bars, and pubs with their dogs.  In most places, dogs are allowed inside the establishments as well as outside on the patios.  Man's best friend is allowed to enter, but is not served by the restaurateurs. Until now...

No, dogs are not served beer, unless it's doggy beer, but they are served meals... at least at Brakspear pubs, which is having its dog meals catered by Butcher's Pet Care. Right now two Brakspear pups and a few other pubs in London are trialing the dog lunch menus.  Butcher's has made special meals for these lunches, served in custom Butcher's dog bowls.

The two meals now on the menus are Butcher's "Liver & Garden Vegetable Chunks in Gravy" and "Chicken & Beef Chunks in Jelly." Yummmm.  Butcher's uses all fresh and natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, so Brits can be assured that their pups are well-fed in the pubs.

Butcher's creates great ads too...





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