I've recently come across a wonderful invention for dogs with back problems.  It's called WiggleLess and from its name you can just picture all the wonderful little dogs that can't help but wiggle when they're happy - not just their tails, but their whole backs.  Problem is that many of the breeds that are wigglers are also prone to back problems that can cause serious disorders as they age.

These are definitely wiggler dogs!

Dachshund wearing a WiggleLess: ©WiggleLessDachshund wearing a WiggleLess: ©WiggleLess

Boston Terrier in his WiggleLess: ©WiggleLessBoston Terrier in his WiggleLess: ©WiggleLess

Here's another infamous wiggler!

Lhasa Apso takes a rest in her WiggleLess: ©WiggleLessLhasa Apso takes a rest in her WiggleLess: ©WiggleLess

The WiggleLess is a type of dog jacket, if you will, with long steel boning inserted into its structure, which keeps a dog from making too much wiggle or any kind of sudden movement.

WiggleLess employs steel boning to give the dog's back support: ©WiggleLessWiggleLess employs steel boning to give the dog's back support: ©WiggleLess

In humans, such a 'brace' would keep our own backs, say, from slouching.   The WiggleLess is a comfortable device that a dog can wear at all times, if need be.  It even has an D-ring attached, so it can be used with a leash.

Certain dogs, especially small and medium-size dogs, may be prone to excess cartilage formation in their backs known as chondrodystrophy or canine intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), particularly, but not exclusive to, dogs with long backs and short legs, like the dogs you see above.

I must repeat this phrase because it is so à propos: "Necessity is the mother of all invention." You see, Lisa Luchenbach, a yoga teacher and massage therapist, among her many other vocations, is also the mother of a few Dachshunds... who suffered terribly from IVDD.  It was necessity that led Lisa to create something to to help her own dogs, and she did by developing WiggleLess for them and thousands of other dogs too.

WiggleLess is recommended by dogs, dog owners, and veterinarians. Besides IVDD, WiggleLess is useful for other dog back pain as well.  Thorough information about the product is available at WiggleLess.com.

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